Eating Healthy Helps With Headache, Migraine, and Other Ailments

This is an image of healthy foods that help with headache and other ailments.

A major way of sustaining your health is by taking good care of yourself. If you plan to enjoy your old age cultivating a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated.

How does the food you eat affect your headache and migraines

The best way to explain a migraine is; it’s the most terrible kind of a headache you can ever imagine. In the United States, over 45 million are affected by severe headaches, but only about 18 million of this number suffers migraines. What role does your diet play in dealing with migraines and headaches? Stress is popularly known as the leading cause of migraines and headaches; however, diet and beverages are actually the cause in several cases. Other causes of migraines and headaches are sleeping habits and depression which is all linked to our diet, your diet can make you susceptible to migraines and headaches in the following ways:

  • Dietary practices like missing meals, not getting enough water into your body.
  • Particular types of food are alleged to cause headaches.

Research has shown strong connections between your diet and migraines. According to a research conducted at a Hospital for sick children in London, 88 children with acute and regular migraines were placed on an elimination diet. The conditions of 78 children were recorded to have improved totally, likewise 4 children who improved significantly. A variety of food that was then reintroduced and it was discovered they led to a repeat episode of a series of migraines. Some types of food are known to cause a migraine such as particular beverages and extracts, some of the worst culprits are alcoholic beverages like red wine, caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, bread, pasta and much more.

This is an image of various fruits that help to eat healthy and improve headache.

Your diet impacts your health

Your diet has great influence on your health; I guess almost everyone is aware of this. But I’m sure you have also wondered how exactly does it affect your health?

Eating healthy prevents obesity

The leading dietary cause of diseases is obesity; obesity is a major cause of many ailments like high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and many others. Consuming sugary, fatty foods and calories can add extra weight to your body; extra weight makes it harder for your body organs to function which directly put you at risk of a health problem.

Various parts of your body responds to the food you eat

Deficiency of calcium can make your bones weak, a diet high in calcium therefore helps averts Osteoporosis. Also, the intake of a lot of saturated fat in your meals results in increased cholesterol levels which can affect your heart, this leads to high blood pressure.

Eating healthy enhances

This is an image of an apple which is part of eating healthy to help with headache and other ailments

Consumption of the right diet can make you more happy and active, which leads to increased bodily activity. Regular bodily activity is vital in averting ailments; therefore a healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle.

The impact of a healthy diet on your health is abundant; cultivating a lifestyle of eating healthy helps prevent headaches, migraines and other dangerous ailments.

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