Exercise And Diet Is The Key Way Losing Weight, Not Just Exercise

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Weight loss is a reduction in body weight and could be as a result of either deliberate or non-deliberate effort, conscious efforts could be as a result of diet or exercise, and non-deliberate efforts could be due to disease.

The key to weight loss is not by exercise only

There is a popular notion that the key to weight loss is simply by shedding off more calories through exercise than you are taking in. But continuous research as shown exercise wouldn’t aid you in weight loss opposed to popular belief. Exercise no doubt is very healthy for your mental wellbeing and complete well-being, but being healthy is not limited to exercise only, well at least those who’ve been plying the treadmill for months without any results will agree with this. Exercise snowballs appetite and many people who exercise make up for whatever they have worked off, there is a lot of amazing reasons to workout but an exercise in itself wouldn’t help you lose weight.

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Recent studies have revealed that exercise increases your metabolic rate which translates to more calories burnt during the course of the day, if you continuously exercise for the 3-4 month continuously without changing your diet, you’d have lost only about 1kg. As stated by a nonprofit medical research organization in the United States, studies have shown that “there is no reasonable loss of weight with exercise only and also that is not likely to lead to short-term weight loss as to what is achieved by dietary changes”.

A group of US scholars in 2012 carried out a study of the Hadza tribe of Northern Tanzania who predominantly are Hunters, just like the average fellow living in the West, the Hadza also have an active lifestyle, the Hadza were expected to consume more but it was discovered that the Hadzas consumed about the same calories as the fellow in the West. This greatly indicates that exercise without diet consideration is not effective.

The key to weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise

Some folks find it more comfortable to hit the gym than refuse a slice of their favorite cake and for some vice versa. If your aim is weight loss, it is only rational for you to know that you either eat less or exercise more to see quick and noticeable results. But new study as shown it may not just always work that way, in a recent study at the Arizona State University, 81 healthy and inactive obese women took 30 minutes thrice a week on the treadmill for a duration of 12 weeks. The precise amount of calories each woman burned daily was been recorded, there were no strict rules on a diet you could eat whatever you want.

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Results showed that they had their fitness level greatly enhanced, but intriguingly all that extra exercise didn’t aid everyone in losing weight despite how much calories was burnt, in fact about 70% of the women added weight during the study and a major of that was from body fat.

The result demonstrated that exercise alone is not the key to efficient weight loss, but there should be a balance; the benefit of exercise cannot be overemphasized. If your aim is a healthy life, you’d need to consume healthy food and exercise.

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