What Kind Of Tasty Recipes Are Also Healthy?

Why Eat Healthy?

There are a lot of risks attributed to eating unhealthy. When you maintain an unhealthy diet, you

are at risk of:

– Diabetes;

– High blood pressure,

– Heart disease,

– High cholesterol,

– Nutritional deficiencies,

– Lack of energy,

– Depression,

– Obesity,

– Acne.

Eating healthy on the other hand promotes:

– Proper bodily functions (like the cleaning of toxins from your body);

– Prevention of fatal diseases,

– Increased energy,

– Happier moods,

– Relief from stress,

– Clearer skin.

Healthy Alternatives for Cheat Meals

Maintaining a healthy diet takes time and discipline. Food is supposed to grow and nourish your

body and you do this by switching from a bad diet to a healthier alternative. Being on a diet

should not mean you only eat salads or starve yourself. You can be on a healthy diet that you

enjoy and that keeps you full. Here are some healthy alternatives for your favorite foods:


Pizza healthy pizza


Pizza is usually made using; refined carbohydrates (the refined flour used to make the pizza

crust) which increases your risk of abdominal fat, cheese, and meats that are high in saturate fats

which puts you at a risk for high cholesterol, and a lot of salt which increases your sodium levels

and puts you at risk of high blood pressure. Also, the large amounts of pizza usually consumed

as customary unhealthy eating makes matters worse.

Healthier Alternative: Quinoa Polenta Pizza. They are bite sized so you won’t consume as much

as you would a regular pizza. It contains quinoa polenta which is the healthier alternative to the

refined flour and is gluten free as well as very high in protein and amino acids. Instead of extra

cheese and meats, quinoa polenta pizza is topped off with a slice of tomato which contains a lot

of nutrients and vitamins, shredded mozzarella and fresh basil which contains disease-fighting

antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

cheese is healthy



french fries

French fries are sliced potatoes that are usually deep fried and coated in salt. The amount of salt

in the fries increases your sodium intake which can lead to high blood pressure. Also, the fries

are usually deep fried in unhealthy artificial oils that contain trans fats that increase your risk of

high cholesterol.

Healthier Alternative: Eggplant fries. With eggplant fries, you substitute potatoes for eggplants

which are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and copper. Once sliced, the eggplants are

coated n a flour mixture containing almond flour which is a heart healthy product, and instead of

being deep fried, the fries are baked.


Ice Cream


Ice Cream contains a lot of sugar which if taken too regularly can lead to diabetes and it

is full of cholesterol because of the high amount of milk and dairy products used to make it.

Healthier alternative: Greek Yoghurt. Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and

calcium and is full of probiotics which help to boost your immune system. Greek Yoghurt can

also be topped with other healthy options like nuts, raisins, and fruits.




You don’t have to give up chocolate! Milk chocolate is high in saturated fat and sugar,

the healthier alternative is dark chocolate which provides phytochemicals that improve your

health by acting as antioxidants.

So, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to maintain a healthy diet. You just

have to change a few things here and there.

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